Is a High-Efficiency Heat Pump Worth the Cost?

March 12, 2020

When you get started researching a high-efficiency heat pump in Cottonwood & Prescott, Arizona, you might see a higher price. And you’ll likely question whether the added expense will be justifiable. We can answer that for you.

It can be hard to realize the pluses of a high-efficiency heat pump from just a daily point of view. When you realize your heating bill comprises more than half of your electrical expenses, you can see why boosting energy efficiency is a good decision. And high-efficiency heat pumps can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy costs.

How Do I Determine a Heat Pump’s Efficiency?

You’ll notice that heat pumps list a HSPF, or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, classification.

The greater the HSPF ranking, the more efficient the heat pump runs. A bigger number means less energy is being consumed and may decrease utility bills.

Choose an Investment in a Comfortable Home with a High-Efficiency Heat Pump

It’s also crucial to consider that while startup expenses are bigger for a high-efficiency heat pump, you will experience perks while your energy bills begin lowering. And what’s a finer investment than experiencing a comfortable home? Our techs can also look to see if there are any tax reductions to decrease the price of your updated heat pump.

With a heat pump, you’re bettering efficiencies annually since it serves as a double heating and cooling unit.

If you have more questions about high-efficiency heat pumps or the perks it will offer your residence, Connolly Electric & Mechanical is available to assist you! Our experts can walk you through your possibilities and help you choose which system will be the best your needs.

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